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McCain Foods, Farm Credit Canada offer growers incentives for sustainability efforts

The partnership aims to help McCain potato farmers transition to regenerative agriculture practices

McCain Foods and Farm Credit Canada (FCC) have partnered to help potato farmers transition to sustainable agriculture practices.

The companies will offer financial incentives to McCain potato farmers who are at the onboarding level or higher on its Regenerative Agriculture Framework .

Through its Sustainability Incentive Program, FCC customers who are McCain suppliers are eligible to receive an incentive payment for their farm sustainability efforts, with a maximum payment of $2,000 a year. 

McCain will add to the FCC incentive paid to its potato farmers based on where the farmers are in their journey on the Regenerative Agricultural Framework. 

Farmers at the onboarding level will receive matching funds. For farmers at the beginner level, McCain will match $2 for every dollar received from FCC. 

The incentive from McCain increases as farmers progress through the framework to the master and expert levels. 

"We are proud to both reward McCain potato farmers who are leading the way on regenerative agriculture and reduce financial barriers for those who are starting their journey," said Daniel Metheringham, VP of agriculture at McCain, in a statement. "We are working together with our growers, customers, and key stakeholders to launch a range of programs that reduce the barriers to adopting regenerative practices and ultimately build resilience on Canadian farms."

Regenerative agriculture is an ecosystem-based approach to farming that aims to improve farmer resilience, yield and quality by restoring soil health, enhancing biodiversity and reducing the impact of synthetic inputs.

McCain is experimenting with new equipment and technology with its Farms of the Future project, the first of which is located in the company’s hometown of Florenceville, N.B.


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