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McCain Foods brings its #SaveOurSoil mission to the metaverse

The company also unveiled its Regen Fries, grown using regenerative farming methods
mccain foods metaverse

As part of its #SaveOurSoil project, McCain Foods has revealed its new Regen Fries and entered the metaverse with its free-to-play Farms of the Future game, integrated into Roblox

Regen Fries are made with potatoes that are grown using regenerative farming methods that aim to build soil health, improve biodiversity, and enhance on-farm resilience to climate change.

The move is part of McCain's global commitment to implement regenerative agricultural practices across 100% of its potato acreage worldwide by the end of 2030.

"We believe regenerative agriculture is vital in trying to make the global food system more sustainable. If we don't change the way we farm, the implications are bleak – and we cannot allow that to happen," said Christine Kalvenes, McCain's global head of innovation and marketing. "Working together with farmers and consumers, we want to enable and speed the transition to regenerative farming practices."

Brought to life through collaborations with metaverse platform Roblox and the first NFT-themed restaurant, Bored & Hungry, McCain aims to help younger audiences understand the challenges currently facing the farming community and the benefits of regenerative farming.

Farms of the Future is integrated into Livetopia, one of the Roblox titles, and allows players to virtually grow potatoes using regenerative farming methods that improve and restore soil health. Players are rewarded when they apply regenerative practices such as planting cover crops, integrating livestock through rotational grazing and encouraging biodiversity.

Bored & Hungry  will serve McCain Regen Fries at its flagship location in Long Beach, Calif. for a limited time beginning Oct. 28 and running through Nov. 18. Additional pop-up locations include London (Nov. 3 to 4 ) and Toronto (Nov. 16 to 18).

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