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Mini-Wheats feeds your inner kidult

Series of videos puts kids in the control room for a speed dating and gym class

What happens when you put kids in charge of speed dating? Mini-Wheats has the answer. An online video titled, “Kids Secretly Control a Speed Dating Session,” was recently rolled out across social and digital as part of the brand’s “Feed Your Inner Kidult” platform. With the kids tucked away in the control room, one woman receives instructions from the youngsters via a hidden microphone. She’s told to put pencils up her nose, bark like a dog, and apply lipstick to her date, commands she dutifully follows. At the end, her secret is exposed when the kids are brought out and revealed to the room of surprised speed-daters. The stunt was meant to inject a little playfulness into a stressful event, and encourage adults to tap into their inner child, according to Chris Bell, vice-president, marketing at Kellogg Canada, which owns the popular cereal brand. “As with any creative process, our journey started with a key consumer insight: young adults lead their lives embracing their adult responsibilities, but when life gets too serious they put a little ‘kid’ into the mundane grown up things they do,” Bell told Canadian Grocer's sister publication, Marketing. “We all know just how much more fun life can be when we let our inner kid out to play. And Mini-Wheats believes that deep down, we all have a kid inside us, and sometimes we just need a little help to let them come out to play.” Since being posted last month, the video, along with its sister spot, “Kids Secretly Control A Fitness Class” have each racked up more than 400,000 views on YouTube. The campaign officially launched in March and will be supported throughout the summer and fall. This article first appeared on

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