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Mott's adds a new flavour to its mix

Mott’s Clamato Pickled Bean is inspired by bartenders and backed by research


Caesar drinkers may have noticed a new tangier option in grocery aisles across Canada now that Canada Dry Mott’s has introduced Mott’s Clamato Pickled Bean.

The latest iteration of the popular and iconically Canadian drink mix is, as the name suggests, flavoured with pickled bean brine and reflects consumer trends visible in many bars, but also backed up by considerable research, says Cameron Butt, brand manager, Mott’s Clamato.

“It was really inspired by what we see bartenders doing,” he says. They’re using their own spices and customizing Caesars so that each bar has their own unique version. “We saw people adding bean brine or dill pickle juice because it just amps up the flavour.”

In terms of target markets, he said consumption is strongest in Ontario and the west (the drink was invented in Calgary in 1969 at what is now the Westin Calgary), and fairly evenly split between male and female who are looking for a laid back drink. “It is not an uptight brand,” he says.

Research conducted last year also revealed the drink was trending toward a younger demographic than previously thought.

“You are seeing a strong trend… with younger consumers and millennials where it is not taboo to have a Caesar with brunch,” he says. “We were happily surprised to see that we have such a strong following with that younger demographic.”

Pickled Bean is Mott’s fifth flavor. Aside from the original, there’s an extra spicy version, one called The Works, and in 2015 Mott’s introduced Clamato Lime.

Clamato Pickled Bean is being sold in 1.89 litre bottles.

“We actually started shipping in December so that we could get good distribution for early 2017,” says Butt. “One of the consumption occasions we were going after was the Super Bowl, so we wanted to achieve significant distribution before our first TV flight, which started January 23.” Motts Clamato typically has a distribution base of between 94% and 98% on core SKUs depending on the banners and the region.

The launch of Mott’s Clamato Pickled Bean is being supported by a national marketing campaign, which includes in-store, English and French TV, digital and social media and PR.

The advertising emphasis will pick up around long weekends. “Social occasions are really when Mott’s Clamato and Caesar drinking goes up,” he says. People like to drink Caesars with other people so they can compare recipes and variations, he says. The campaign will run until the end of the year.

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