Orville Redenbacher has your next binge-watching snack

New popcorn chip meant to match new form of movie-watching

Now here’s a snack your customers can binge on.

Orville Redenbacher has launched a line of popcorn chips available in four flavours: buttery, sweet & salty, barbecue and aged Cheddar.

“With the market moving to the better-for-you type snack, we thought we could make a product that not only tasted good, but was a good alternative to regular potato chips,” says Chris Lamb, marketing director – snacks and frozen at ConAgra Foods, which owns Orville Redenbacher.

The new popcorn chips have 60% less fat than the leading regular potato chip per 50 gram serving, according to ConAgra.

Research conducted for Orville Redenbacher found that consumers aren’t willing to give up certain attributes they like about chips or other salty snacks, namely crunch and texture. At the same time, they want to eat more real food and wholesome ingredients.

Orville Redenbacher's Popcorn Chips - "The Revival" from Blammo Worldwide on Vimeo.

“When we pieced that together, popcorn chips came out as checking all the boxes,” says Lamb.

To promote the product, which hit store shelves in July, Orville Redenbacher has launched a national TV spot in English and French.

The ad depicts a dramatic scene from a Games of Thrones-like TV show. The man, who is apparently wounded, tells his partner to go on without him. But she assures him they’re almost at the end, and revives him with a popcorn chip. It’s then revealed that the couple is actually sitting on the couch watching TV. The spot ends with the tagline, “official snack of the TV marathon.”

The idea was to pair the evolution of movie/television watching with popcorn chips, which is the evolution of popcorn.

“Popcorn is really entrenched in the movie-watching experience,” says Lamb. But with the rise of streaming services like Netflix, “people are moving towards binge-watching an entire TV series in a weekend.”

Orville Redenbacher is also promoting Popcorn Chips with in-store sampling and aims to work with retailers on themed events, such as the Super Bowl, throughout the year.

The product is sold in 155-gram bags at a suggested retail price of $3.99.

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