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Target-ting items in the fresh produce department


I recently visited a Target store in Anaheim, Calif., that showed me what the retailer might be bringing to Canada in terms of produce.

One thing I noticed was no scales–everything from bananas, potatoes and apples were individually priced.

Examples of pricing included bananas at 24 cents each; apples 79 cents to 99 cents each; and sweet potatoes 99 cents each.

Or produce was sold in some type of pre-pack whether that was a netted bag, a clamshell or a stand-up grape bag.

There was quite a number of consumer-oriented ready-to-go packages with fruit salads, peeled and sectioned Del Monte grapefruit; cored and peeled pineapples; square containers of watermelon and melons, and “Taylor Farms” Fruit & Walnut Salad with chicken and other such items.

It has been awhile since I’ve been to the UK, but from some reason the set up reminded me a bit of the Marks and Spencer stores.

Online at, you can go to "see more" on the far right of the screen, select grocery, then produce and voila–you get an idea of what's offered in store minus any pricing details.

You can also select to see produce offerings by different categories online like: bestseller, newest, average ratings.

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