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Top flavour trends for 2013


McCormick & Company, makers of spices and seasonings, today unveiled their predictions for 2013's top flavour trends.

The company’s “Flavour Forecast” report identifies five emerging trends, described below. McCormick, which owns the Club House brand in Canada, says their reports have helped put previously unknown ingredients on the mainstream map.

That includes now-old-news chipotle. The company says the flavour was “virtually unknown” before it was featured in their 2003 Flavour Forecast. Now, menu items that mention chipotle in the U.S. have surged by a reported 214 per cent.

“With our global team of experts – spanning consumer and industrial segments in more than 100 countries – McCormick has a unique capability of identifying new and emerging trends on a global scale,” Alan Wilson, chief executive of McCormick said in a press release.

Business is good these days for McCormick – as the economy continues to languish, Americans are foregoing dinners on the town for home cooked meals. To boost flavour (without boosting the grocery bill), The New York Times reports people are buying more spices.

1)     Sumptuous, indulgent flavours, like chocolate with basil and passion fruit or black rum, charred orange and allspice.

2)     Homemade, kind of. Rustic and comforting flavours like cider, sage and molasses or smoky, sweet and spicy flavours like smoked tomato, rosemary, chile peppers and sweet onion

3)     Highly personalized and healthy. Broccoli and dukkah or faro grain, blackberry and clove are two examples.

4)     Finding potential in last night’s leftovers. McCormick offers Hearty Meat Cuts, Plantain & Stick Cinnamon and Artichoke, Paprika & Hazelnut as examples.

5) Ethnic ingredients no longer used in traditional foods. Japanese Katsu Sauce & Oregano and Anise & Cajeta can be added to run-of-the-mill meals.

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