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Tostitos Hint Of billboard campaign looks to brings Canadians together

Billboards feature not-so-subtle messages from Canadians trying to get their friends to hang out
tostitos hint of billbnoard

Tostitos has unveiled a series of large-scale billboards across Canada for its Hint Of flavoured tortilla chip line-up.

The billboards are part of the brand’s “Unsubtle Hints from a Subtle Flavour” campaign and feature messages from Canadians eager to drop a hint and get their friends’ attention to hang out.

“Bringing crews together is what the Tostitos brand is all about. It’s the perfect snack made to be shared. But the truth is, finding time to spend with your friends can feel like a never-ending cycle of scheduling and rescheduling,” said Jess Spaulding, CMO of PepsiCo Foods Canada, in a statement. “Although the Tostitos Hint Of line-up is subtle in flavour, there’s nothing subtle about how we’re helping Canadians make their crew hangs a reality by capturing their friends’ attention in a can’t-miss way.”

Hints were selected from online submissions, all in an effort to help Canadians get together with friends. Some of the hints featured included:

  • “Patrick, I know we're roommates, but I never see you anymore! Let's make an official plan to hang. - Ben”
  • “Steph, Wow you'll read this billboard but not my texts? ;) Get off at the next exit and come over! - Sanja”
  • “Ally, Calendar e-vites feel super adult, we've got to do better. Let's hang out IRL? - Kenzie”
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