Sylvain Charlebois

Professor, Dalhousie University

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Sylvain Charlebois is professor in food distribution policy and senior director/AGRI-Food Analytics Lab at Dalhousie University. He is the author of "The Food Processor" blog series for Canadian Grocer. 



As Canada’s avian flu outbreak worsens, expect turkeys to cost more this holiday season

The avian flu has been wreaking havoc on the country’s poultry sector since early this year, and the pressure for some producers has become unbearable

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The Canadian Dairy Commission held a press conference to announce to Canadians what is likely to happen to dairy prices next year. This is a refreshing approach – let’s hope the Commission continues on its path to reforming itself

Loblaw price freeze overdue, but decision may encourage other grocers to follow suit

Following the path of many grocers around the world, Loblaw became the first Canadian grocer to voluntarily freeze food prices. While non-cynical Canadian shoppers will appreciate the grocer’s empathetic gesture, such a move was long overdue

On being thankful, even as higher food prices reshape holiday menus

Despite the rising cost of groceries, Canada has an enviable food security situation, and we should be thankful for that

Canada's food affordability problem

The 2022 Global Food Security Index has just been released, and Canada ranks 7th in the world like last year, but there is an index indicator that’s more worrisome than others

Grocers, it’s time to freeze food prices

Perhaps it’s time for Canadian grocers to take a cue from their European counterparts and freeze prices as consumers take drastic measures to cope with meteoric food inflation

Restaurants are slowly recovering, but the sector is still not out of the woods

The sector is clearly redefining itself, but the bleeding continues

Politicizing protein is a dangerous game

Protein is divisive these days, but it's also mostly politicized. Prioritizing food is one thing, but imposing food choices is not worthy of a democracy that respects its citizens