Sylvain Charlebois

Professor, Dalhousie University

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Sylvain Charlebois is professor in food distribution policy and senior director/AGRI-Food Analytics Lab at Dalhousie University. He is the author of "The Food Processor" blog series for Canadian Grocer. 



The carbon tax could impact Canada's food affordability

We need to assess and forecast how the carbon tax will burden our food suppliers over time

Death, taxes and shrinkflation

Shrinkflation has bothered many people for a very long time. The taxman has given another reason why we should hate shrinkflation even more

What ChatGPT and AI could do for the food industry

ChatGPT is retailing AI for all of us, and that could impact how the food industry embraces new technologies in the future

Farmland is getting expensive, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing

A new era in farmland management is emerging, an era in which capital investment expertise is becoming part of food production

Canada can easily fix its milk dumping problem

We can fix this by addressing the issues of normalizing farm milk waste and hiding data

Will alcohol be the next tobacco?

The CCSA’s recommendations will likely be received by many Canadians with great skepticism. Still, when looking at the scientific literature and the links between alcohol consumption and cancer, the findings in recent years are overwhelming

We all pay for grocery theft

With food inflation at record highs, it is no surprise to learn there are cases of theft occurring, but that trend could mean more cameras, security guards and perhaps even anti-theft devices directly on food products

Ottawa’s tariffs on Russian fertilizers cost Canadian farmers millions

Sanctions should be punitive. But for tariffs on fertilizers, there was no evidence that Russian companies were impacted at all

On COP15’s absurd proposed ‘planetary diet’

Dialogue is important, but it appears as though ecologists are all for debates until someone disagrees with them

Should poutine, one of Canada’s most beloved dishes, be on the UN’s cultural heritage list?

A total of 140 countries have at least one dish, cuisine or ingredient on this prestigious list, but not Canada