McCain introduces voice-activated french fry dispenser for the holidays

The DistractiFRY promises to bring welcome distraction from awkward conversations with friends and family
McCain foods distractifry
Photography courtesy McCain Foods

McCain Foods hopes to diffuse the tension that can arise at family gatherings this holiday season with what it does best: french fries.

The potato product manufacturer has introduced the DistractiFRY, a voice-activated device that dispenses cooked McCain fries each time it hears one of 80 pre-programmed trigger phrases, like “Who are you voting for?” or “When are you getting married?”

"Despite best intentions, awkward moments can arise during family gatherings," Matt Kohler, managing director at McCain, said in a statement. "Our goal is to bring people together, and the DistractiFRY is a fun, relatable way to connect with your loved ones."

McCain has also partnered with TikToker Kris Collins (@KallMeKris) to illustrate how the device can bring some levity to tense dinner table discussions.

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