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Meet Co-op Essentials—an evolution in Co-op’s Food Store experience

Exterior shot of Co-Op Essentials grocery store

You might have heard the Cloverdale community of Surrey, B.C. has a new friend in town meet Co-op Essentials the new neighbourhood grocer. 

Co-op Essentials is the best of Co-op brought together in a curated and easy-to-shop format that delivers on value and convenience. 

When we looked at adding a new store format to the Co-op family, it came down to offering our customers a new, modern way to shop. Today’s customer has evolvedthe extreme loyalist doesn’t exist anymore with nearly three quarters (74%) of Canadians being less loyal to brands than they were two years ago, according to ServiceNow's 2024 Consumer Voice Report, and much of this decline is driven from financial pressures to buy the cheapest option. 

Today’s modern consumer shops more banners to get what they need as they face financial pressure with nearly two-thirds saying they have switched their primary grocery stores in the past year for better deals, according to a recent survey by Dalhousie University's Agri-Food Analytics Lab and marketing insights firm Caddle. 

Interior shot of Co-op Essentials in B.C.

Given the current landscape, shoppers are looking for new solutions and experiences to meet their needs and find value. If our customers are evolving, we too need to evolve and provide a complementary store experience. Co-op Essentials is just thata new format focused on offering convenience, quality and value, enabling shoppers to effortlessly get what they need and get on with their lives. 

Co-op Essentials delivers a fast and friendly shopping experience with a smaller store design (15,000 square feet), while delivering everything you need from tried-and-true staples to high-quality fresh produce and exciting Co-op-branded productsall at great value, every day. 

Co-op Essentials can be described as staples with a twist. While shoppers will find everything from milk and bread to tissue paper and laundry detergent, they'll also find a full breadth of Co-op branded products (a.k.a. Our Essentials) which adds modern innovation with a "twist." In true Co-op fashion, there’s also a heightened focus on local essentials and items produced locally within the communities we serve. You will see these items and stories highlighted throughout the store and online, showing we remain rooted in our co-operative values of supporting local.

Produce department Co-op Essentials

From a branding and design perspective, we focused on simplistic energy while also ensuring the design supported the convenience aspect of the customer experience. All encompassed in a contemporary design to engage our new modern shopper. 

And the best partbecause Co-op Essentials is part of the Co-op familymembers can earn equity and cashback on their purchases, in addition to the many other benefits of Co-op membership

If you’re in the Surrey area, come and check us out and maybe you will find what’s essential to you. 

Shop Smart. Eat Well.

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