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An oat-fully delicious alternative made with the customer in mind

Being a Canadian shopper right now is difficult. We want to support local producers; we want to purchase products that are good for us, but also good for the environment. We want to add more plants to our diet, but also keep our protein intake high. We are cooking at home more and want to be creative with new flavours and ideas. But, try doing this when the cost of food has increased significantlyand rising food prices remain our No. 1 concernnow that is pressure. 

So, where do Canadian grocery shoppers go from here? Or, a better question might be, how can Canadian grocers help their customers achieve their food goals?

We need to be innovativeand if we can't find a solution to bring to our shelves then we make it ourselves. Meet Co-op Gold Pure Oat Beverage. This new line of oat-fully delicious plant-based milk alternatives checks all the boxes for our customers. 

Co-op Gold Pure Oat Beverage

First and foremost, the line is dairy-free and plant-based and we know consumers are looking for more plant-based proteins overall. According to April 2023 research from Dalhousie University, more than 40% of Canadians had consumed a vegan dairy substitute in the past 12 months. 

Co-op Gold Pure Oat Beverage is made from locally produced oats and is free from artificial flavours or colours. The oats are directly sourced from the Casavant family in Tisdale, Sask., who are part of Co-op’s Grown with Purpose agronomic program, which means the oats are sustainably grown using practices designed to enhance the overall health of the land. 

The oats are processed in Saskatoon, using a new, proprietary method that makes a super smooth oat beverage that retains much of the protein, fibre and essential nutrients that usually get stripped away by other oat beverage processes.

Made with locally grown oats, Co-op Gold Oat Beverage is processed and packaged close to home as well, shortening the journey from farm to glass and making it a sustainable choice the supports the local economy. As a further benefit, the innovative packaging uses less plastic than conventional cartons.

And the best part of all, Co-op Gold Pure Oat Beverage is delivered at an everyday price point to meet our shoppers' budgets. We know customers want to purchase more plant based products, but the challenge comes down to affordabilitywith only 22.3% deeming plant-based alternatives as affordable, according to that Dalhousie research. This product not only delivers on the local, sustainable and product related benefits customers are looking for, but also works within their budgets. 

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